Fat adapted and fasting

I have been IF for a few months now and love it. I have always hated breakfast but the metabolism police kept at me about the “most important meal of the day”. I am so happy and knew in my heart that was BS. I have lost over 45 pounds this past year. I did things in stages. You have helped me with the last few pounds I am working on. One issue I have had is my fasting blood sugar levels have been in the pre diabetic range for months. Not during the day, that is fine…just in the morning. I have been worried about it as I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and don’t want to listen about how I should be placed on meds. I found Dr. Fung through you and through him found this FB group of “fasters”. Wow…I couldn’t imagine going without eating as long as some of them do, or at all, frankly. Anyway, yesterday after posting about my BS levels I was told I should fast to bring down my levels. I couldn’t imagine doing that. But, it was 10:30am so I hadn’t had anything to eat. So, I thought “I’ll eat if I get hungry”. Well I never really did get hungry. Clearly because I am fat adapted. This morning my blood sugar level was as low as it has been in months. My point really is, I could never have done that as easily as I did had I not been fat adapted. The misery some express trying to fast is amazing. I am sure its because they are putting the cart before the horse and not becoming fat adapted before trying fasting. Anyway, I don’t know if I will be much of a “faster” but it sure was interesting to find out that if I want to, I can do it because I have a set of skills I have built over this past year. 175 to 127 this morning at age 68. Don’t even mention menopause you people!