Fat Adaption without fasting???

Hi Brooke,

I have recently committed to an 80 day timed nutrition and workout plan. I’m on day 4 and although the first day was rough, I feel AMAZING. No cravings, no brain fog. It is no sugar, and sprouted bread is an option but I’m not opting for it. However it’s a typical eat every 2-3 hours plan – veggies, fruit, protein, fat kind of thing but differs within certain weight brackets. I was successful before on the intermittent fasting but I didn’t stick with it over the holidays and full into a tub of sugary treats (they were delicious but SO not worth it).

My ultimate goal is to get back to intermittent fasting but I’m doing this plan to prove I can commit to something as written for 80 days. the need for the fasting isn’t as high as my need to strengthen my commitment muscle right now. I’m all in and love my reasons – taking prepped food and a travel blender to hotels when I travel which I did last night. I’ll be doing it when I come for masterclass in a few weeks so that will test my commitment even more which I’m actually excited about. I always overeat when I travel and this time it ain’t happening.

I’m not changing anything until after I have completed the 80 days and like I said, I feel amazing. My goal is weight loss and increased muscle which I know doesn’t typically happen at the same time, which I’m okay with. We aren’t supposed to weigh ourselves for the first month but I actually think this is a great time to weigh myself daily to bring up all the crap in my brain about the scale since I am very scale-sensitive and I have quit programs before because of how I thought about it.

So – Is it possible to be fat adapted while eating 5-6 meals a day from 5am – 6pm per day? I sure feel like I am even though it’s only been 4 days. I do feel physical hunger but that’s it.