Fear about our society falling apart

I have been very concerned about the underlying stability of our society. I know this is my thought, but I observe other people’s thoughts about who is in power, whether the younger generation is getting ripped off by the older ones (student loans, lack of opportunities for younger people, lack of affordable housing, etc.), whether one party loves America more than the other and who is crazy and who is not. All of it makes me really fear for social cohesion especially with the election coming.

C: Differing opinions on the state of the country and reasons for the state of the country
T: I’m really fearful that democracy could fail in America
F: Fear
A: Obsessively read news, try to figure out what I can do, worry about civil war, think about ways to not contribute to what feels like societal instability, think that the Boomers need to give up power immediately, worry that we don’t have any fresh blood that is going to lead our country out of this mess, worry about what my neighbors are thinking
R: Stay inert

T: I can help keep peace among those around me
F: Calm
A: Engage people in civil conversations, remind people that this is our country and we have to make it work, remind people to give other’s the benefit of the doubt, give others the benefit of the doubt, don’t attack people, work to put forth younger leaders with better ideas than our current leaders
R: Feel like a part of the solution

I feel like we need a sea change in thoughts in the greater populace to save America. I am frightened for our future as a people and as a nation.