Fear Model

Hi Brooke,

So, I’ve started to watch the Stop Overeating videos and last night I started to browse through the workbook. I had the craziest reaction! As I was skimming through the book, I was engulfed in a feeling of FEAR…it really threw me off guard so I decided to do an unintentional and an intentional model. Please tell me if I am on the right path-

C- My Fear of committing to stop overeating
T-I don’t know if I can do this
F- Fear, Panic
A-Eat bad food, defiance
R- gain more weight and remain unhealthy


C- Commitment to following Protocol
T- I can do this, I am strong
F-Determined, Confident
A- I will commit to the first 2 weeks (mini goal)
R- I will lose weight, and improve my health

I would love your feedback! thanks Brooke

Joyce C