Fear of Flying

Hello Brooke,

Wanted to get you an update on my fear of flying/anxiety/claustrophobia work.

I bought plan tickets for Dallas for January and I did not have even the slightest wave of anxiety! Since was talked 2 months ago, I have gone to a corn maze, puzzle escape room x2, and the center of a full stadium seating movie theater x3. Working on facing my fears and feeling the sensations in my body. And today I bought plane tickets and was completely fine, no anxiety at all even when thinking about it.

Next stop haunted twilight tunnel tour in Traverse City Michigan and floating in a little pod!

Cannot wait for the VIP event! Starting to understand I can decide how I think about flying.

Oh and as a side note 75# down as of this morning, funny how I think that is a side note LOL!

Thanks for teaching me how to manage my mind, cannot wait for this month, it is right on time for me!