Feedback on declutter model, please.

C. Goal is to decide to keep or not keep silver earring (and all other jewelry I’m going through)
T. I’m supposed to keep things people give me
F. Lifeless
A. Walk around slowly. Zone out. Don’t look at the silver earring. Resent it. Feel guilty about myself and sad about the gift giver. Imagine their feelings being hurt. Miss them. Miss/feel nostalgic about lost childhood, memories, people. Indulge in total confusion over the item(s). Try to persuade myself to want to keep things that I don’t want to keep. Feel bad again. Don’t commit to the process of asking myself the 3 questions about the item(s) and deciding cleanly on whether to keep or not keep.
R. I stop the process and by default keep the earring but without intentionally deciding to and only because I’m “supposed to”. Most notably, I give up /don’t “keep” myself in the process.

Feedbacks appreciated, thank you.