Feel Mad About Stupid Things

I work for myself and my husband works for a company. He is on Zoom calls most of the day. Naturally, my schedule is more flexible – though I do Monday Hour One and like to hold myself accountable to my work hours.

We live in a city, so our car needs to be moved for street cleaning 1x per week. This morning, my husband was on a Zoom call at the time it had to be moved, so I went to move it. I couldn’t find another parking space, so the entire thing took me 30 minutes, which I wasn’t expecting. I have a list of things I need to get done this morning. Rationally, I know my husband didn’t do anything wrong, but I couldn’t help but feel furious that he gets to carry on with his work and I just lost 30 minutes of my morning because I work for myself. I acted like a child and was annoyed at him when I got back, slamming my office door, etc. Of course, this didn’t provide any results that I wanted. But here’s my question – when I get frustrated or mad unexpectedly like this it feels like I have no control over how I’m acting – how do I interrupt these thoughts to choose more neutral ones? In moments like this, it’s like I have two thoughts at once – one where I’m the victim and one where I see myself acting in this horrible way and wish I could stop. Please help!