Feeling – Always in trouble

I have a pervasive feeling of always being in trouble. If I am not actively worrying about an event that I could easily correlate I could be “in trouble” for (My job requires I use a lot of discretion in my decision making and I make mistakes daily at work), then I am worried that I could be in trouble in the future for something b/c I just screw up so often.
C – Work
T – I’ve made a mistake, I could be in trouble for
F – fear
A – worry, thought loops
R – I am never operating at my highest best self

I feel like I spin in a cycle of fear, then resentment. over and over.
would you help with an IM
C – work
T – there will be mistakes, I will learn from them
F – safe
A – move forward I can handle any situation
R – I am in charge, I have my own back