Feeling Anxiety Every Time My Son’s Father Calls

I’ve began to notice that every time my son’s father calls my body fills with extreme anxiety. My heart begins to race really fast.

He doesn’t call often. Sometimes months can past by before he calls. But I never know what he’s going to ask for. I never know how he’s going to be. I don’t trust him and I realize that I feel very unsafe.

Today he called out of the blue after 6 months of no contact. I felt the extreme anxiety in my body and this time I did not answer. He called again and I didn’t not answer. Instead I chose to feel my feelings about it. I haven’t returned his call, but I have thoughts that I should. I went deep into my feelings in my body, however, every time I think of calling anxiety fills up again.

Can you please help me shift this? I don’t want to feel this way, but I feel really unsafe.