Feeling apprehensive

Dear Coaches
I’m writing to ask how to address having a low level feeling of something is not quite right. The behavior of my team at work seems off, there’s bickering and snippy comments, one person is leaving, one is performing poorly, etc. I’m just sensing an under current of uncertainty and change and it’s leaving me feeling apprehensive and worried. I can see how my thought – something is not quite right – is causing a feeling of apprehension. I guess right now the action is wonder how to handle this in an endless loop. Going to an intentional model, I have so many choices on how to act – confront? Let it blow over? Try to figure out the cause? Or do I start with a result – I feel ok with myself and how I’m showing up. But I’m not sure what thoughts, feelings, or actions lead up to that. Do I need to decide how to handle it before I can work back in the model?

C: employees bickering
T: this is out of character, something is not quite right
F: apprehensive
A: wonder what’s wrong, what to do, worry
R: I feel not quite right

C: employees bickering
T: ?
A: ?
R: I feel fine with myself and how I handle this.