Relationship decision


I have been dating someone for a little over a month and need help with deciding whether or not to continue. I want to make sure I’m not self sabotaging myself but also make sure I’m not betraying my own self as well.

In short, I am attracted to this person and for the most part we have fun together. The times where I don’t have fun all stem from thoughts such as, I wish he were more positive, disciplined or dreamed big.

There were other potential core compatibility things (such as mixed faith) that I had brought up and when I did he openly shared that he wanted to continue and work on them together. I appreciated his honesty and willingness to try.

With that said, do I give this relationship a chance and decide from a fully loving place as I learn to love unconditionally? Or do I decide now not to continue? I’m not sure if I am more afraid of the vulnerability (hence wondering if I’m self sabotaging myself) or if I should go off my conclusion that perhaps we’re not ultimately the right fit. Again, not sure if there is even such a thing either..

Thank you!