Feeling dread

Dear Coaches,
I frequently find myself looking at my plan for the day and thinking “This is going to be horrible – it’s too much, too complicated, too hard”. As a result I feel dread, and I start buffering with emails, news, etc rather than getting started with the plan. I totally realize intellectually this is my primitive brain exaggerating and making excuses to keep me safe in the cave. So is the solution to allow myself to feel dread and then do it anyway? Even though the dread is based on an exaggeration my primitive brain is trying to sell me? Or is it to recognize the thought/feeling, interrupt it, and change the thought to something useful right away? (This is going to be a piece of cake if I stop buffering and concentrate). I guess what I’m asking is – what level do you treat the primitive brain’s objections – as thoughts to be changed? feelings to be allowed? or as something to be observed without engagement?