Letting go of tracking calories & macros

Hi Coaches!
I have tracked macros for the last 4 years and calories before that for a LONG period of time. When I first found Brooke’s Stop Overeating Workshop I resisted letting go of tracking big time. However I am now working on letting go of the outdated need to track because it is irrelevant and does not work. Period. I’d love help with my model because I don’t think my T is in line with my R. Many thanks!

C – Calories – Units of Energy
T – The calories in/calories out theory is not relevant – if it were relevant everyone would be thin.
F – Relieved
A – Let go of myfitness pal app. Stick to food journal and honor protocol in a new way. Begin to associate food as food rather than numbers. Start to shift towards what makes me feel good rather than a number. Stick to a healthy diet naturally not because an app is saying it’s OK. Gravitate towards lean proteins, lots of vegetables, healthy fats, and fiber.
R – Live a naturally healthy lifestyle and maintain lower weight effortlessly