I just want to report in that I FEEEEL so much better now, overall, since I’ve been in scholars. I joined and decided to show up for myself, stop looking for the next big “program” , etc. I’ve been doing the work, showing up for calls and getting great insights watching others be coached. I’m beginning my 50th year on earth in June and am committed to transforming my relationships with money, spending, and exploring constraint around possessions. My drinking “issue” is really a non-issue now, and it happened without even 100 urges. I just came home from work one day and decided I did not want to drink wine every night after work. And I don’t. I limit myself on the weekends and it’s fabulous because I’m not even missing it, or desiring.

The relationship work with my husband has been transformative. I am thrilled! I told him that I was telling my friend that this is the best my marriage has ever been and he told me “it’s the same marriage, you just changed your thoughts about it.”