Willingness to Feel Discomfort

I have been a scholar for six months and have noticed that as time goes by, I still trap myself in doing the work here, doing models, all in the service of feeling better ultimately.
A negative thought or feeling would rise up and I would know that I can change it (to a certain extent) by doing an intentional model on it.

And when I find that I am unable to change my thought to drive me to take a certain action (work on my business even though I feel doubt, exercise even though I don’t feel like it), I stay stuck, waiting for more models to accumulate until the right feeling will come to drive me to take action.

So the good news is that I realized that: That even though I have the ability to change my thoughts, I also have the ability to take action even when I have a thought that opposes the desired action. Still, easier said than done.

I wonder if you could direct me to a video or podcast where Brooke addresses this issue particularly.

Thanks so much!