Feeling Insecure

This last week I was introduced into a group of women. Every single one of them were highly educated medical professionals. My 1st immediate thought was I don’t belong in this group because I don’t even have a bachelor’s degree. From there, I thought of the fact that I’m not worthy of this group. I felt like they were looking down on me because if I was judging, they must also be judging. I can’t believe that I actually asked to be in this group. I want to understand my insecurities around the thought that I don’t belong in a group of highly educated women. I’m making it mean that I am  unrelatable and that my life experiences are less than them simply because of our education levels.

C: 9 professionals 1 Teacher
T: I don’t belong in a group of highly educated women
F: shame
A: judge them, spin in insecurity, go to my past and blame mother for making education such a judge of character.
R: I see evidence of why I don’t belong.

Many of the bridge thought I have tried just are not believable.
I’m where I’m meant to be.
Education is only a measure on paper.
You are in charge of what you bring to this group.
You are not responsible for a what they bring to the group.
You could be completely wrong on how they view you.