Feeling Left Out By Others

I often feel left out or disregarded by others. I recognize these are my thoughts and not deliberate actions by others. For example, I have a friend coming to visit our town this weekend. She previously lived here for years and I only met her a year ago. She’s got a huge network here. We became fast friends last year and she helped me so much in a new town, schools, etc. We still keep in touch also. She’s staying with someone else and I know she’ll be so so busy. I asked her if she’ll have time for coffee etc and she kept saying she’d let me know. After a few requests I never heard back but was randomly included in a thread and invite to meet up with a group of the women she’s friends with on one eve and have a drink. I normally would respond as a no and have feelings of being offended. This time I said yes. But I don’t want to go, honestly, because I wish she’d responded me directly. I am wondering if it’s because she doesn’t want to see me or is it because she’s just busy? I literally don’t know how to sort the feelings around this. I recognize I have a manual for her and how she should act with me, as a friend. She’s not following my manual so I’m having negative thoughts and associated feelings. So, what do I do? Do I go with thoughts that of course she wants to see me and she’s just busy. Or back out, with a thought that she would have followed up somehow if she wanted me to come and not be haphazardly included. Thanks!