Feeling liberated

I’m working on being someone who follows her calendar. I noticed that when someone cancels an appointment or I finish a task earlier than expected, I feel a sense of relief or liberated. It feels good at the moment, but when I put it with my thought in the model I don’t get the results I want. Am I using the model correctly? I’m considering how I can create those feelings with thoughts about the calendar I plan, maybe I need more free time. I also wonder if maybe liberated is an indulgent feeling for me in general, so maybe it doesn’t serve me to pursue it. Here is my work so far:

C – Employee postponed meeting to next week
T – Yes! I just got a free hour
F – liberated (maybe the wrong word? – like I got something a little extra, got away with something)
A – start other project I promised and didn’t calendar. Don’t write down the appointment. Don’t honor next time block and tell myself it’s okay because I can find time later to make it up.
R – I’m owned/controlled by my whim

C – Employee postponed meeting to next week
T -I can still do this.
F – committed
A – calendar the appointment for next week. decide nothing has gone wrong. look ahead to see what could be done now. Ask my Friday self how she would spend the time. Honor the end of the block. Adjust my planning next week to decide ahead how to handle “found” time and forgotten tasks.
R – Show myself I can honor my calendar

C – Notice feeling liberated when appointment is canceled
T – It’s possible to feel liberated by following a well-designed calendar. I’m learning how.
F – possibility
A – Continue to tweak my calendar protocol each week just like I do my eating protocol to lose weight. Find ways to feel liberated – remind myself of why I want to do the thing at the beginning of each scheduled task. Ask myself each week if this calendar liberates me. Notice obligation on my schedule and do thoughtwork on why I’m feeling that.
R – I find out whether I want to feel liberated by my calendar.

Am I on the right track with the second model or am I seeking an indulgent emotion that won’t serve me sort of like seeking the rush of eating candy?