Negativity in Morning Thought Downloads

Mornings are tough. When I go to do my TD, what comes out is a barrage of negativity (mostly about myself) and I leave the TD grumpy and less motivated then when I started. I try to say some of intentional thoughts/ladder thoughts to get me started, and all that gets me in my brain saying “it’s not true – why are you even bothering with this?? You are just ok.”

A lot of my work right now is around self-confidence and self-acceptance no matter what (having my own back, believing that “I’ve got this”), and I’d like to turn the tide on the morning TW to create some positivity for me to take into my day.

Any recommendations on *positive focused* work that I can do in the morning, or suggestions on how I can maneuver my thoughts to a positive direction in the morning? I get up really early and usually have an hour before I have to start work, and I’d love to use the time for thought work, but am frustrated with how my brain acts first thing.

Thank you!