Feeling my feelings – Urge Jar

I had a craving for something crunchy then I paused and said to myself ‘hmmm… what physical feeling do I have in my body’. I paused to obverse a light feeling between my chest & stomach, hard to describe what it felt like. But I just sat there and observed it for a minute, then it went away. This is about the 6th time today I had the same craving but first time EVER that I think the feeling went away at my attempt to feel the feeling… I did not grab anything crunchy and gave myself a pebble! Hope this is the right way to do it.

I think that is the way to ‘feel feelings’ & classify ‘overcoming an urge’ because any other time I have tried to do that, I usually still have the feeling. Did I do it right, allowing myself to ‘feel feelings’ is the most challenging thing for me so far in the program?

Yesterday when I attempted to ‘feel’ anything I eventually burst up and ate all the crunchy nuts I could get my hands on then added some sweet chocolate in there too. Today I kind of still want it but not jumping up… Please guide me? I would love some ‘feel the feeling’ live practice with Brooke or a Coach.