Feeling Stuck On New Project

I’m currently working on an extra project that I’m feeling a bit stuck with. And I need help with the thought that will motivate and propel me.

I’m a writer working to sell a tv show and I met a producer who said she was interested in helping me, but I needed to put together a pitch deck so she could send it out. This is obviously a dream come true. A huge step in the right direction for me. I have about two hours at night (after I’m done with my full time job) to devote to working on it. And it has been a STRUGGLE. Like I’m fighting with myself the whole way. I did a thought download and models and I see what the issue is… some of my thoughts are: I don’t know how to do this because I’ve never done this before. Whatever I write will be bad (WTF, RIGHT?), This will never be good enough, What if the producer decides she doesn’t like the idea anymore when she sees my pitch deck? I need a whole day to work on this and I don’t have that because of my full time job.

I’ve done models with the thoughts above and they basically all lead to the same A lines … buffering and not working on it.

I need help with my intentional models. The new thoughts I come up with don’t really give me the fire I need to get to work! Any suggestions?

C: Pitch Deck
T: This will never be good enough
F: Defeated
A: Buffer, Avoid working on the project, Don’t follow my schedule, decide I hate everything I’ve written so far & start over, go on social media, eat chocolate.
R: My deck isn’t good enough because it’s not done!


Thought Ideas for IM: I’m capable of figuring this out. She already likes my idea, so not likely she’ll get dissuaded now. This is exactly what I wanted. If I keep working on it, it will eventually be good.

C: Pitch Deck
T: ?
F: Motivated or Determined
A: Work diligently and enthusiastically every night during my scheduled time to work on it, turn off social media, don’t start a convo with my husband during my work time, allow myself to be 100% focused while I’m working
R: My deck is finished and I’m proud of it!

Thank you for your help!