Feeling Unsupported By Boss

My boss gives me very little support and, in my opinion, doesn’t do the job she is employed to do.
She’s supposed to be the lead for leadership development where I work but does nothing much in relation to this area of work. (I also work in leadership development).

I did mention at my recent appraisal that it would be good to work jointly on more things. She agreed and we set a date to jointly review one of our leadership courses.

This happened about 4 weeks ago and we spent the morning working on it together. This went well and we then had some actions each to take away and work on in the afternoon. She asked me to pop back at 4pm.  I did my sections and popped back at 4 only to be told she hadn’t done her parts as she had been busy updating the team telephone directory instead (which is actually the administrator’s job).

She asked me to schedule a catch up later in the week. I did this and she then asked to move it as she still hadn’t done what she agreed to do. Then she was off for a week.

This morning she came in to the office and asked me to do the bits of work she said she would do. I did push back on some of it as she did mention she had some resources to include. I have ended up doing some of the other sections.

I feel unsupported and like I may as well have done it myself weeks ago in the first place. Then we would have had it up and running by now. She has also offered to deliver training with me on a number of occasions as my other colleague has been off since January, every time except one she has pulled out at the last minute (and once didn’t show up with no explanation). The time where she did come along she sat working on her laptop in the corner and didn’t do much of the training delivery.

I’ve tried really hard to work more collaboratively with her but she simply isn’t interested. I’m now feeling like not trying with her anymore and just keeping myself to myself. I feel she is unreliable and lacks integrity as a leader.

I’m not really sure where to go with this now as I’ve been trying for many months and this is just one issue in a long list of times where I’ve felt unsupported.