Feeling your emotions VS Wallowing

I have a ton of grief I’m processing from 20 years of dating and still being single. I also have grief from 10 years of entrepreneurship and not having a successful business yet (reach or income). However, I have come far, and I know I have things to be proud of.

The issue I face, is to make offers out in marketplace I need to build relationships and I find myself coming to that action from sad thoughts and feelings, with this grief. It’s like a viscous cycle. How can I keep going in love and business with the grief? I can’t tell if I’m processing it or wallowing in it – PLUS – I feel like it will truly never fully go away. Its been such a hard thing still feeling like I’m at zero in both of these areas of my life and showing up to change that but from this defeated energy. I don’t know how to navigate it all. Thanks!