Feelings Before Action

Hi Brooke,

I hear you advise us to change our feelings from negative to positive before taking any action. The example with success: Feel successful then take action. You are a successful person and it doesn’t matter what you’ve done but how you feel as you show up. It’s almost counter intuitive to what I’ve been taught growing up. In order to be successful I have to show my worth and work to earn the success title. I’m working on feeling and showing up as successful before doing anything but it’s hard to do that when my mind has been programmed the other way around. How do I work up the model so that I feel before the action when I’ve been basing it off the action to drive the feeling?

My challenge this month has been trying to change my emotional fuel from negative, scarcity to abundance and love and I do know if I’m doing it right. It feels very hard to do. I’m still working on the thoughts to go with the abundance and love feelings however they are more questions b/c I’m not believing the opposite side of the spectrum.

Example: Coworker pings me on IM as soon as I log in first thing in the morning
T: Oh my gosh! Him again, what does he want?
F: irritated
A: respond in annoyance
R: disconnect from an opportunity to build a great working relationship

New Model:
T: How can I help him solve his problem with the most love I can give?
F: helpful
A: greet him and ask him what’s up
R: start to build a relationship with my coworker