Feelings- vibrations in your body

Hi Brooke,
Yesterday I had a situation that caused me much stress.
I was not aware of anything until receiving an email from the parent of an 7 yr old student.
My extra curricular art class ranges from 7yrs -14 yrs.

There was a discussion that (unknown to me) really affected this child.
In retrospect and only after receiving the email, did I give it any thought and had to admit that the discussion was inappropriate for the younger children.
(It was about extreme survival in the wilderness)

I was deeply upset for ‘failing’ with my students, and how the parents would now see me.
We usually have a great class but when a child says they never want to do art again, that is a major reaction.

I responded via email with regret and apologies, immediately.
I was in tears and shaking uncontrollably, a reaction that I have had since a young teenager in ‘emotionally stressful’ situations. (I litearally cannot stop shaking and if it goes on long enough, my toungue gets ‘heavy’ and my speech gets affected) If in public this can be embarrassing.
Today you coached someone who said that she’s a crier.
I guess we each have our own emotional responses.

I had the thought that I should do a model on what was going on but was really too upset to bring myself to do one. I have tried tonight but have not been able to do a successful model. I did not know how to change my thought of
‘I failed and regret this’
I know what not to do in the future but for that moment in time, how could I change my thought to change my feeling? Was my feeling indulgent?

My reaction of shaking usually seems insantenous, and I am not aware of any thought triggering it. (only stress)
How should I deal with my physical reaction?

If this is failure, and we should welcome failure, it sure felt bad and I cannot say that I WELCOME this experience.
Lesson learned is that I need to be more sensitive to the ages of the children and ensure that the discussions are age appropriate.
(The parent said that she would call this afternoon. She did and having talked heart to heart, all is well and her daughter will return to the class)

Thanks Brooke,