Long story short-ish. A couple years ago, talented ex-boyfriend graphic artist (now married) was referred to my employer for a logo remake. I also hired him on the side to personally do a logo for my budding coaching biz paying him a total of $750. While working with him for my employer one day he made a simple comment about our previous relationship and I asked if he was aware of the literally electric spark that a simple act of his hand touching my arm had. We had a little sexting round (on my end, suggestive comments only). That apparently unleashed a beast.

After 9 months I never had received my logo and could not get one out of him. What I did get was countless texts practically begging me to have sex with him, constant sexual innuendo and endless unrequested erect penis portraits, all sent to me via text. (Side rhetorical question, why DO so many men think women WANT to see their penis portraits?) I would constantly try to get his mind back to my logo that needed to be done, suggest he have sex with his wife instead, tell him to stop sending the pics and texts, etc. Finally at some point about 9 months in) I felt sexually harassed (in the classic sense as applied to a workplace) since he was paid/engaged to do a job and was apparently holding my logo for ransom. I told him this. Got all kinds of apologies, he will get the logo done, etc. and it very quickly devolved into the same thing.

I stop replying to any texts at all and wrote it off as a $750 lesson learned. Before that I wrestled with whether to tell his wife (maybe that would get him to stop), or tell him if he doesn’t want me to tell his wife or out him publicly on social media he will refund my money or out him to the PR business woman who referred him to my employer and continues referring him to many other clients. Other than telling the PR person about the sensitive artist/ego issues I encountered in trying to get his job for my employer done, I didn’t tell her anything else. But man, I really wanted to OUT his behavior on social media. One year later the #MeToo movement is afoot and the desire to out him is there again.

So I know the thoughts that feeds the desire to out are:
-I was wronged.
-I was sexually harassed.
-he took my money and gave me nothing.

The thoughts that had been keeping me from doing it pre-MeToo were:
-It gets me nowhere.
-it might even have a negative energetic/karmic impact to me.
-I was complicit in unleashing the monster.
-He could retaliate towards me publicly somehow.

He just started texting again yesterday after a long silence. Thankfully without pics or graphic details. I know I can block his texts. That desire to out him has always fueled my action to NOT block his texts.

So. Here I am wondering what thought can move me forward from here.