Feels a bit like a fantasy

Hi Brooke,

I have been noticing this month as I do my thought download each day around my belief (I will find my soul mate and marry him within 5 years) that I find my self questioning whether I am writing a fantasy, rather than a thought download, and therefore not sure if I am actually doing it correctly. I have been putting myself into that situation where I am with him and describe things we are doing and how I am feeling. But wanted to check what I am doing is correct as I often catch myself recreating or even stealing scenes from romantic movies…

The second question I have is in related to weight loss. On the call you mentioned no lattes and that milk has a lot of sugar. I live in Australia so am unsure if what you are referring to as cream is what we refer to as full fat milk? If they are the same does that still mean no for lattes and you only put a tablespoon of full fat milk into your coffee.