Fight with my best friend

8 weeks ago, I had a fight with my best friend.
She told me that I excluded her from my life after my break up with my boyfriend. Clearly, she has a manual for me. I stand for my boundaries.

Now the friendship is not like before.
She texts me less.
She is cold.
She shows me how disappointed she is.

Of course, these are thoughts.
I’ve done a few Models on it and found out, that she acts like my mother in my childhood.
I’m people pleasing & waiting, hoping that she will forgive me (but it´s her fault too and she doesn’t see it?!)

c – Friendship
t – she wants to have the control, when will it be normal again?
F – helpless, anger
a – people pleasing, sending messages
r – Waiting position

Could you help me? I find my Model a little confused