Finding a Focus

Hi Brooke!

I am in my mid-twenties as an actor and yoga teacher living in NYC. I often move around for my acting gigs and will live somewhere else for a month and move somewhere else after that. I teach yoga inbetween as well as some other jobs to pay my rent.

I find that when I get back to NYC after a gig, I feel lost. I know that this is because I’m unclear what my goals are for my career. While I’m on a gig, I feel very purposeful cosndierig there is consistent structure around my job, and I feel proud of what I’m doing.

When I’m back in NYC, I zoom out and find myself thinking I want to be a coach and an actor and a yoga teacher and maybe this…or maybe this.. I know that I could do any one of these things, but I’m struggling to make the choice and move forward. Instead, I feel like I’m constantly moving all my pawns forward, and never getting one pawn queened.

Do you have an exercise on how to cultivate your dreams and then when it comes to choosing a path, how do you pick? I find myself weighing the pros and cons til I’m blue in the face and paralyzed to make any decision at all.

I want to be passionate, focused, and be able to make decisions in my life. These are all qualities I value. I know this is an opportunity to move towards being that kind of person. Would love to hear your thoughts! Thank you, thank you.