Flirting Mood

Someone I want to flirt with isn’t into it. Legit. I’ll leave him alone. Wasn’t looking for a relationship anyway.
But, I feel sad. and empty.
C – I choose to stop flirting.
T – I don’t have the thrill I wanted.
F – Sad.
A – No patience for my kids.
R – Yelling, feeling guilty, repeat.

C – I choose to stop flirting.
T – I’ll aim my obsession to work.
F – more relaxed.
A – Working.
R – Work is done. I am Emotionally drained and horrible to my kids.

I know I need to change my T. Not sure to what.
I want to be patient with my kids. I want to feel good.

What could my T be if I aim at being patient with my kids as an R?
C – what is now
T – ?
F – it’s ok
A – ?
R – patient with my kids

Thank you