Flour & Sugar

Hi Brooke,

I lost 50 pounds through your Stop Overeating Workshop.
While I did later on added intermittent fasting, the bulk of my weight loss was thanks to giving up flour and sugar.

As more and more people see me at my new and maintained slim body, everyone is asking, ‘You have to tell me how you’ve done it.’

I always mention your name and your program, but they try to cut to the chase and then I tell them that I no longer eat flour and sugar.
I am amazed by how many people won’t accept or even try that.
They’ll say, ‘Well, I can’t, I love bread too much,’ or ‘You should try the bread my wife is baking, you won’t stand a chance,’ or ‘But how could you live without bread?’
And so they never even try.
They want me to tell them that I have this powder I am mixing in diet coke and drinking and this is how I lost the weight.
Or they want to hear that I took on a personal trainer that took me on a boot camp seven days a week, to reason with themselves this is something THEY can’t afford; anything but the simple thing that worked that they cannot possibly imagine trying to live without.

I have tons of compassion and love to where they are. Imagining myself not wanting flour and sugar was absolutely impossible for me, until I made it possible.
I write down for them the link for joining SCS. And I then give myself that wink in the mirror, realizing more than before, that what I’ve accomplished with this no flour no sugar thing, is pretty miraculous in today’s world!

Thank you.