Flying high, then SMACK!

Hiya Brooke, I am looking for a little perspective, please. 🙂 I have been becoming more and more of my True Self, thanks to you and everyone in this community. IT (life) is awesome and also totally sucks sometimes. I am at a totally sucks point, but it is laced with wisdom and an inner knowing that this really will pass. So, thank you for that!

So-to my conundrum. (Briefly, which is a practice in itself, as I would love to dramatize this whole thing super big.) My ex and I disagree on a long standing money situation that has been ugly in the past. So, I did the work, and decided that my action would be to “forgive” what he owes (tons of work to get to that) in order to produce the feeling of peace and actions that are focused on creating my own prosperity. He came back with a spreadsheet that says I actually owe him thousands of dollars. So…I am trying to decide what to do. Here are my two models (I know there is lots of stuff in the Thought and Result lines-but I want to give you the flavor of the two thought options):

C: Different math calculations
T: I am prosperous and he has worked so hard all of these years while I was able to stay home. I loved who he was and want to put that in action and put this to rest. I want to create a loving atmosphere for my kids and I am ready to put this animosity away for good.
F: Peace
A: Write him a check for what he thinks I owe him
R: No more arguing from him.
R: Peace.
R: More thoughts on not standing up to him, etc. that I will have to manage. (Which I am up for and can totally handle, but will be work.)

C: Different math calculations
T: Everything from #1 model.
F: Peace
A: Don’t pay him.
R: No more arguing because I choose not to respond.
R: Peace with a nibbling feeling that if I REALLY wanted peace then I would have paid him. (Which I am up for and can totally handle, but will be work.)

Thank you, from my heart. tc