Impatience leads to trying to skip over thought and feeling work- how can I dig deeper?

Hi Brooke-

Through this month’s homework I am realizing that there are certain areas of my life- important ones!- that I avoid looking at and have finally figured out that it’s because I don’t think I have a way to fix them. I’m having a hard time finding thoughts and feelings that will fuel action. I can see that my old habits are to push through and work despite my thoughts and feelings. This leads to doing more work but not complete results.

C- Incomplete Work
T- I can’t even look at it because I don’t have a way to fix the problems I know are waiting for me
F- Fear, Guilt, Anxiety, Shame, Worry, Disappointment
A- Avoidance, Buffering,
R- Circle around the work but never dive into it

Here are some models I’m working on-
C- Incomplete Work
T- By looking at the work I will be able to find a solution
F- Uncomfortable
A- Rip the band-aid off and look at it
R- Look at it and get depressed

C- Incomplete work
T- I’ve wasted too much time already
F- Impatient, frustrated, mad
A- Slow down thought and feeling work
R- Getting closer to creating new thoughts and feelings but still not there- wasting more time?

C- Incomplete work
T- It’s okay to have incomplete work. Everything is a process of learning and growing
F- Neutral
A- Observe thought and refrain from judging thought right away
R- Getting closer to believing feelings that will fuel action

That’s all I’ve got so far. I can see my impatience in wanting to move onto the next thing means I am skipping over key thoughts and feelings but I’m not really sure what to do about it. Any thoughts? Thank you!