So it’s July and I have been a member of scs since January. Each month I have picked a focus as well as the current scs work. I have stopped drinking, created a protocol for myself, quit sugar and flour, had a month on time work and now looking at money this July. If I look back, I can see I have come a long way since January. I see however that I’m going backwards in some ways. I had a glass of wine last night. I had a taste of muffin the other day. Do I need to focus on one thing at a time until it’s completely done or do I just see it as work in progress and that the ‘slips’ are part of it and do my thought work around them? I feel like i do the work, get it done and then I (choose to) slip after a while. Is it a matter of constantly recommitting to tell my brain what to do and not slip back into those old ways of thinking?
Thanks for everything