Follow up to "One step forward, two steps back"

Of course!! Now I get it. “I’ve realized that I have depended on my sister for family happiness so much to the point that I’ve allowed myself to feel invisible” when I’m around them. What’s funny is that I knew this over 30 years ago when I deliberately chose not to pick the same college as her. She’s outgoing, she’s funny, she’s likable. She’ll make friends for me. I’m shy. I forced myself to move away to be my own person but for some reason along the way my thinking changed. I’m responsible for my own thoughts!!! How simple and yet almost too simple to truly understand. Thank you. I had a question on the A line but reading answers I already understand that. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been listening to the podcast live series because one of my challenges was to really physically feel my emotions (besides anger because clearly I can describe that one. lol) so I found it very helpful to wake up, do my thought download, remind myself to really observe my physical feelings during the day as I encounter them and it is truly eye opening. I printed out the “feelings” list and carried it with me as well as my “thought download” pad. I interact with many people, parents, teachers, administration throughout the day, and I found it to really be fascinating. I knew I lived with the feeling of “shame” my whole life but I never really understood that it was simply based on a thought I turned into a “belief” because I thought it for over 30 years! What an eyeopener. I know that this is just the start and it takes conscious and deliberate effort to practice your “thinking”, but holy cow….what a break through! THANK YOU!!!!!! Can’t make the April modelthon but planning the one for July!