FOMO for 200K Mastermind

C – Friend said she applied to Stacey’s 200K
T – Her business will grow with that kind of support and mine will not without it
F – Defeated
A – Write to Ask a Coach, regret that I already spent $23K for another coach so I don’t have another $25K to invest right now, ruminate about how my business will not grow
R – Not doing work to make my business grow

I want some guidance to get grounded in MY belief that I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES and that even NOT investing in Stacey’s 200K program can STILL MEAN that MY BUSINESS exceeds income goals. I have SCS and for now that’s enough. I have my own brain and that’s enough. Just need help because while I can come up with new thoughts, I still feel like I’m missing out on an opportunity and financially we just can’t dish out $25K right now.