Food and Triggers Part 2

Thank you so much for your model help, it was very interesting. I did some more work on it and now I am at a place where I realize that my brain is offering, “Now is when you eat without restriction,” which leads me to eat mindlessly and ignore being present during my meal.

I have created a story where eating is a time where I can overeat as much as I want to and I am not “confined” in any way. Like eating endlessly proves to me that I have true freedom to eat what I want.

C Brain offers “Now is the time you can eat without restriction”
T I can eat whatever I want
F Free
A Eat mindlessly and overeat
R I move further away from my goals

It’s like the term restriction has me in a strong space of resistance. My mind is telling me restriction is suffocating. Any questions you can pass along for me to reveal a bit more?

I have added, “I am noticing that my mind is offering me: I am restricted,” and “is that true or helpful?” which I answer with “no.” I don’t have a bridge thought, however. Do I just stay here for now?