Husband Walks Part 3

Thank you so much for your coaching on this. After looking more into my mind this morning and journaling I had some interesting thoughts that actually don’t seem to have much to do with my husband. There is one thought that when he depends on me for emotional support I instantly feel pressure like I don’t want to handle taking care of his needs. Almost like it’s just one more thing to do.

It’s very odd because I am not sure where that programming even came from and it’s not how I want to show up at all. I don’t want to feel like connecting to him or taking care of his needs is “one more thing to do.” I also have another model where I found my feeling was mostly fear.

The fear is that no one should be as happy as I could be in my relationship with him and that if I let myself really go all-in on loving him the way I could and ENJOYING him and our relationship/life together, I am afraid it will all be taken away from me.

So many interesting things coming out of exploring this walk! Any coaching here is appreciated. Thank you in advance!