Fourth Urge

I have been doing super well with Urge jar and not bingeing at all for 3 weeks. Today I thought I was doing well. There were a lot of urges and cravings for the foods with flour. I could understand why they were there and thought I was allowing them to come and leave. I was babysitting my grandson and these are always difficult tiring times. The reason for the urges are that I have used food in the past to get through some of the longer tiring hours when I am alone with a child. (I love being with grandchildren but find having them for an entire day on a regular basis challenging). Instead of just enjoying my grandchild and accepting parts of childcare are tedious, I have to add some fake pleasure with food. . At the fourth Urge I just reacted instantly by eating. I stopped before I entered the total binge but had an overeat that contained flour. So what now? What should I do now and the next time. It’s disappointing because I actually believed I wouldn’t do this again. And there was no pleasure in the food this time at all.