Freaking out about facebook ads…

I don’t think this is really a business strategy question, so I’m keeping it in the regular question area.

I have really been relying on facebook ads to grow my coaching business. Yeah, I know it’s expensive, but I don’t really want to post all over social media like I’m some kind of coaching expert when I’m really just trying to find my way.

So now with this new iphone update, it’s looking like facebook ads are going to get a lot more expensive. I’m not feeling very good about this, because my business is barely viable as it is. I have some models happening about it that are making me feel awful. I’ll start with the feeling. I know that I feel…panicked.

T Facebook ads are dead, and now my business dreams are dead, too,
F panicked
A ruminate, don’t take action to grow my business, I spin, I want to drink, I distract, I mostly just ruminate and try to figure out an answer but just can’t
R I kill my own business dreams

Okay, there’s that one. I just have SO many more thoughts about this: “I don’t want to have to post on my personal social media pages to develop an audience, I don’t even really know my niche, I just want to do what I want to do, how can I grow an audience without ads, maybe it’s not even possible to create an online business anymore, I am too late to the game…”

All of that stuff.

I’m so afraid to really put myself out there because I just don’t think I’m really clear on what I’m offering, or what solution I’m providing. I’m a certified coach and am also becoming a therapist, I also have an MBA and have been successful in my career. I don’t want to limit myself! I want to talk about lots of different things to a very specific person (ie: basically, me).

I’m trying to tell myself that my ideal clients are OUT THERE, I don’t need facebook ads to find them.

I just want somebody to tell me the right way to do this. I don’t want to do it wrong, or look stupid, or try and fail.

I guess that’s basically it.

I tell myself that “too late! You missed the boat, you can’t build a business in today’s climate now. You’re screwed!”. I can see that isn’t a very empowering thought, at all.


I’d love any insight to get me out of this rut.