Freebie + Content Question

I’ve almost finished your course on How to Feel Better (I want to go through it a million times!) 🙂

You were talking about how your freebie should be “the benefits of doing x” or “10 reasons why doing x is bad” and then your program is the solution.

So you shouldn’t tell people the solution in the freebie.

I make a lot of live videos on Facebook and I’ve been walking people step-by-step how to learn to love, accept and approve of themselves, manage their thinking and their anxiety. People say you should give away your best content and the people who want to work with you want more accountability or assistance.

In my live videos should I mainly talk about the benefits / drawbacks of not learning to manage your mind as opposed to teaching them how to do it?

When they ask me questions such as “I have so many negative thoughts, what do I do?” do I give away the how or offer free coaching?

Just trying to work out how much to give away vs keep only for paid clients.

Thank you!!! 🙂