Friday Coach Like today…of course you’re moving!!

You’re moving….me too!! Well trying. So I feel ridiculous because I have not “made the time” to get on Scholars in well over one month! And had I, I totally would’ve been able to get insight and strength regarding all my anxieties over moving because you’re going through it too! My husband came home at the beginning of May and told me we were moving to Tennessee, the end. I think everything I learned this year flew out the window with the wind that night. I went into cleaning, organizing, fretting, dumping and psychotic mode. Our home went under contract immediately, we found a home immediately in Tenneseee and then everything fell apart. We cancelled our contract due to major electrical issues and shortly after our buyers cancelled on us 10 minutes before their deadline because of who knows what, they won’t say!! So now I’m back at square one, feeling like all is shot to hell in a bucket and we will never sell. I’ve already shut down my salon (so no work now)….I kicked out our renter in basement apartment ($1450 month income) and here I am literally 10 pounds heavier feeling all sorts of crappy. I have NO idea where to start to gain any sense of me back. I’m pretty sure if I went to the doc tomorrow, she’d give me meds of some sort. 😳. I sat down and tried to do a thought download a few days ago after our buyers pulled but it was ugly…I seriously need to get a grip. Help?!?