Friend is desperate for her mother to be happy.

A new friend of mine confided today how distraught she is about her mother’s chronic negative outlook on life, and how that outlook is gradually isolating her from her family. Her mother works for her several hours one day a week, and not only does the prolonged activity wear her out, but the friend’s prolonged exposure to her mother (with the “bad attitude”) leaves the friend emotionally exhausted from trying to hold on to her own cheerfulness. She has suggested to her mother that she come to the store twice a week instead of once, and for shorter periods, hoping that her mother will be in better health by spreading out her activity, and that she will be in a better mood having something to look forward to twice a week rather than just once (the mother really enjoys working at the store). The friend loves her mother very much and wants so badly for her to be happy and healthy (not depressed). Of course I know that in the model, the friend wants her mother to be happy because the friend believes she herself will then be happier. I would like to suggest a podcast episode or two that might give my friend some insight into the advantage of “letting” her mother be unhappy. However, all of my go-to episodes for this kind of thing seem either too advanced or harsh for someone who is new to this way of thinking, especially considering that she doesn’t seem to be angry with or resentful or demanding of her mother–she just seems terribly heartbroken that someone she loves isn’t seeing how wonderful and blessed her life is. (Again, I realize that it all comes down to basically the same thing for the friend in her model.) Can you recommend one or more episodes that I can offer as potential tools to relieve her own suffering?