Friend & Neighbor Troubles

We moved into our home 8 years ago, and became really good friends with our next door neighbors, as well as most of the other families in our culdsac. Well in the last year our next door neighbors have moved on and become friends with some other families in our neighborhood, that we also know, but they hang out with the new people almost every weekend and don’t include us. I get that their friends evolved and they’ve moved on, but I am still friends with the same circle. I have been upset many times in the last year by the parties at their house that we weren’t invited too, but I can’t seem to have my same friends over and not include them. I know they would be very upset if we didn’t invite them over, so I continue to include them even when they don’t include me. I’m not sure what to do about the situation but I’m tired of dealing with this situation every weekend. Am I supposed to talk to her about it or is talking pointless since I have no control over others actions? Am I supposed to move on or work on the friendship? In the past I would have moved on an no longer been close friends with them, but that’s really hard to do since we live next door to each other, our kids are friends, and I see them daily. I need your help!

Thank you,