Too much future focus?

Hi!! Love you and all that you do!!

Here’s my situation. I am in the process of being offered a new job. The position was offered to me but we are not ironing out details such as salary and starting date. I’m almost certain it will go through smoothly bc I spoke directly to the owner of the firm, but the board of Directors still have to approve it. I won’t know for two weeks when they hold their quarterly meeting. It’s my dream job and I am so excited to have the opportunity. My question is I’m not sure how to manage my thoughts and actions until then. I want to start setting goals around my new position but then my brain thinks, well, what if you don’t actually get it? If I don’t get it, I really should be focusing on my current job which has a few projects I could get started on. Where should I give my focus? My current job or where I want to be in two weeks?