Friend works for organization that is against my values

Hi Coach,
I have a friend who is very conservative – I am liberal. Up until recently, I have been ok with this, usually avoiding politics altogether and just focusing on being friends with her as a person rather than on her conservative views. A few weeks ago she got a new job for a right-wing lobbyist group and her job is now to actively go around the country arguing that elections need to be in person and on one day only (no early voting) – essentially trying to make it more difficult for people to vote. It is clear to me that while this mission is touted as “making elections more secure” its real mission is to disenfranchise many voters (hourly workers, people of color, etc). I think that voting is our essential right and we should be making it easier for people to vote (for example, if you are an hourly worker, you shouldn’t have to lose wages to go vote). I am planning to catch up with her on the phone to learn about her new job and I would like to go into that conversation from a place of curiosity and love rather than judgement and anger, which is how I feel now. Do you have any thought recommendations I can practice before this call? Thank you.