Frustrated with husband not helping enough with kids

My husband and I are both home now with our 3 young kids (6, 3, 1yo) since daycare and school are closed. It is a challenging time because the kids demand a lot of attention. I have noticed that my husband will disappear for periods of time- I think he is checking his email, texting etc, mainly just trying to take a break. Parenting feels much easier when we are doing it together so I have found myself getting more and more resentful towards him for taking little breaks when I don’t get that luxury. Basically, whenever I feel myself getting frustrated or irritated by the kids, I direct that negative energy towards him. Logically, I know it’s not his fault that the baby is screaming or the 3yo is whining. I also know that everybody needs a break. I would love advice on how to rethink my manual for him. Thanks