Frustration, coaching, and giving up

I went to masterclass in February and it was amazing!! I have made a major change in the way I show up at work and have implemented the work protocol Brooke suggested. So so good!

BUT my primary goal is to lose weight and since masterclass I have gained and lost the same five pounds over and over. I am very frustrated and disappointed with myself. I can see a dramatic change in one area of my life and failure in the weight loss area. I understand these are thoughts. I have done multiple models and did everyday of my March Hw but nothing seemed to click.

I have thought about requesting live coaching, but get embarassed that I went to Masterclass and still don’t have my food protocol locked down the way I do with work.

I am not sure what to do, but I keep thinking that maybe I (a) don’t want to lose the weight enough or (b) I am just full of b.s. Both thoughts stink. I know I shouldn’t quit SCS that this is where i need to be, but I seem to be stuck. Help!