funny moment

I was driving to meet a friend for dinner and I was really concerned with how hungry I was. I kept thinking to myself, something is wrong, this isn’t right, I should snack. And then I had an epiphany and started giggling to myself… OF COURSE I’m hungry. 1) I’m not snacking and 2) I want to lose weight so I’m dining-in. I gently told my “2-year old” (My brain) that we aren’t eating right now, we are dining-in and and it is totally normal to still be in the habit of wanting external relief from that feeling of hunger.

So many years of being told that it’s terrible for you and possibly even dangerous to feel hungry, that you should eat every 2 hours, etc. — time for some reprogramming of those thoughts!

I’m at a plateau because I haven’t changed my thoughts yet about snacking – the humor in the situation will help be one of my bridge thoughts.

Thanks Brooke and all the other coaches!