Future focus

Brooke –
I LOVE the Future Focus podcast. It’s so powerful. I feel so energized when I listen to it. I love imagining my future and writing a letter to my current self from my future self. I love blowing my own mind – imagining things I’ve never imagined before. I wanted to share my letter to myself – I wouldn’t have been capable of writing this letter previously and I want others to read it and take from it what they may. For me, reading the excerpt from your book gives me goosebumps and I hope I can offer others something energizing – Thank you, Brooke, for helping me blow my own mind:

Forget the way things have always been. You are so incredible, so much more than you know. Own it. Believe it. You will achieve more than you ever imagined, love more than you ever thought possible. You will make more than enough money to support your family – you will make so much that you will be able to give it away for incredibly big, meaningful, causes. Don’t worry about the “how” right now. Don’t say “it’s not possible.” It is all POSSIBLE. Everything you want for your future is possible. In fact, I’m here already. Can’t wait for you to join.